At GOWell, we are constantly evolving to meet our customers´ growing needs. Our roots are in China, where the company was founded. After a few short years, we have expanded globally to cover our customer base, having Research and Development groups in Houston, TX (United States) as well as technical support centers and providing training for the usage of our technologies in both hemispheres. We have come a long way, and we are eager to continue to grow, while maintaining and fostering an intimate and familial environment. At GOWell, each individual makes the difference.



  • Company originated in Xi’an, China

  • Cased hole Wireline Tool Development initiated


  • International Business began by providing Multi-Finger Calipers and integration of Open Hole 




  • GOWell Petroleum Equipment (China) – Engineering and Production Lines and Manufacturing 
  • GOWell International LLC (Houston) – R&D, Corporate Management and Sales & Support
  • GOWell Oilfield Technology FZE (Dubai) – Sales & Support
  • GOWell Oilfield Technology Canada LTD (Canada) ­– Sales & Support 
  • GOWell Oilfield Technology (Azerbaijan) – Sales & Support 
  • GOWell Oilfied Technology de Venezuela, CA (Venezuela) – Sales & Support




  • Footprint covers more than 30 countries, with employees from more than 18 different nationalities. 
  • Production lines now expand from Well Integrity to Formation Evaluation and Production Analysis with the support of our R&D teams and outsourcing cooperations.

  • GOWell Wireline Technology de Mexico S de RL de CV (Mexico) – Sales & Support 

  • GOWell Aberdeen (Scotland) opens its doors – Sales & Support 

  • GOWell Cairo (Egypt) – Sales & Support 


  • GOWell Jakarta (Indonesia) added to the Global Footprint - Sales & Support

  • New Developments in the works

  • Launch of GOWell next generation Cased Hole Logging Platform PegasusStar

  • Introduction of MTD-E 3 pipes detection into the market

  • GOWell Moscow (Russia) introduced - Sales & Support


  • Introduction of Array Noise Tool (ANT). Unique technology that allows for continuous real time leak and flow detection. This Technology has been fully developed and currently manufactured in Houston, TX
  • Introduction of Radial Bond Log (RBL). Advanced radial cement bond evaluation technology combinable will our Well Integrity Pegasus Suite

  • Successful integration of Micro-Conductivity Imager (MCI) into GallopStar Formation Evaluation Suite

  • Successful integration of Modular Formation Pressure Tester (MFPT) into GallopStar Formation Evaluation Suite
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