Surface Panel (CSS107)

PegasusStar is GOWell’s latest generation cased-hole logging platform, consisting of a highly capable and fast telemetry sub for surface-readout (SRO) operations and comprehensive memory recording system. The platform is compatible with a wide range of GOWell’s Pegasus series downhole tools and the industry leading Warrior 8 software. 

For e-line applications PegasusStar consists of a 1U surface panel and a compact downhole telemetry tool. The high-speed intelligent telemetry system is self-adaptive and “hands-free” for the engineer allowing operation on a wide range of mono-conductor wireline cable types and lengths. It typically achieves 200kbps but is capable of exceeding 400kbps.


The 1U PegasusStar surface panel incorporates an API-RP67 compliant cable interface with key-lock safety switch. The panel handles all downhole communications with the telemetry tool including automatic self-adapting on power-up. Connection with the logging computer is via 
Ethernet either over LAN or WiFi connections.

The panel also includes depth encoder and line tension inputs that are compatible with a range of encoders or hoist panels. The panel’s bypass mode allows for use with your existing logging systems.



From left to right on the front of panel there is a system fuse and power switch. Test points allow for access to signals. The main key switch controls the functional modes as follows:

Bypass: Pass-through of the wireline cable.
Log: PegasusStar telemetry mode.
Safe: Wireline cable is grounded, key can be removed and power is off.
Perforate: Allows for perforating when used in conjunction with GOWell perforating module.




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