Pressure-Temperature-Flowmeter (PTF)

 The Pressure-Temperature-Flowmeter (PTF43) sub is an electronic cartridge which is combinable with either Continuous Flowmeter Mechanical section (CFM43 or 54) or Fullbore Flowmeter Mechanical section (FBM43). The PTF43 is fully compatible with GOWell’s Pegasus series tools and Warrior supported. Ideal for Leak Detection when combinable with other Pegasus tools such as Multi-Finger Calipers or Array Noise tool. By combining PTF43 / FBM43 with GOWell’s QCD43 and GTC43 you have a complete but compact PLT string.



Pressure Measurement Principle

Uses a fully environmentally sealed high accuracy piezo-resistive pressure sensor.


Wellbore Temperature Measurement

Principle Fast response temperature measurement close to the bottom of tool using an industry standard platinum thermal sensor.


Flowmeter Measurement Principle

Hall Effect sensors mounted in the lower sub with an oil filled cavity to exclude well fluids from sensor section




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