Pegasus Protocol Adapter

GOWell has developed an adapter module (SWC43C-E) that allows GOWell’s Pegasus series tools to be fully compatible with the leading Industry standard toolbus. One or more Pegasus series tools can be connected below a SWC43C-E. Then above the adapter any combination of 3rd party tools either SRO or Memory can be connected. The adapter emulates select 3rd party tools so operations are seamless and transparent for the engineer.






Protocol Conversion

• Converts GOWell Pegasus tool’s CAN protocol to leading industry standard tool bus

Mechanical Conversion

• Adapts GOWell Pegasus tool’s 13 pin connection to 3rd party tools mono conductor connection.


• Have the flexibility to use GOWell’s Pegasus tools while retaining your existing downhole tool investment.

• Provides a transition pathway to use Pegasus series downhole tools.

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