Modular Formation Pressure Tester (MFPT)

GOWell’s Modular Formation Pressure Tester (MFPT) is a new generation wireline formation tester that is fully compatible with GOWell’s GallopStar logging system. The modular design of MFPT allows for flexible operations and future expansion. A key design feature is plug-in modules that allow easy maintenance and rapid post-job servicing. MFPT has highly integrated electronics, mechanical and hydraulic systems for reliable field operations. MFPT includes industry-standard Quartz pressure gauge for accurate pressure measurements. Hydraulic pump module for pump-out and sampling operations and Fluid identification capability for real-time fluid monitoring. The logging software controls are both simple and intuitive for ease of field operations and provide automatic operations wherever possible.

GOWell’s Modular Formation Pressure Tester measures formation fluid pressure, fluid mobility, fluid gradients and fluid sampling. The tool incorporates a number of features to optimize pressure and sampling. Industry standard Quartz Pressure provides accuracy and repeatable pressure measurements.






  • Accurate formation pressure and Fluid Mobility measurements
  • Sampling and Fluid ID
  • Gradient and Fluid contact identification
  • Reserves and production estimation



  • Variable volume pre-testing and multiple drawdowns per set
  • Isolation valve reduces flowline volume for faster build-ups
  • Modular tool designed for easy maintenance
  • Variable pump rate, fluidID sensors
  • PVT sampling: more than 6 samples collected in one trip
  • Real-time Bubble-Point test
  • Gallopstar compatible



  Formation P = 173.5 bar (2516.6psi)

  Hydrostatic P = 238.5 bar (3459.9psi) 

  Mobility = 13 md/cp

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