Micro-Spherical Logging Tool (MSFL)

GOWell’s MSFL tool provides a measurement of the flushed zone resistivity (Rxo) with either single or dual axis borehole caliper measurements.

The Rxo measurement is used to calculate the flushed zone saturation and to correct other resistivity measurements to determine true formation resistivity (Rt).




  • Measures flushed zone resistivity
  • Calculates flushed zone water saturation (Sxo)
  • Indicates fluid mobility
  • Estimates invasion profile (combined with other resistivity tools)
  • Corrects deeper-reading resistivity devices for invasion effects
  • Identifies thin laminations
  • Calculates permeability and porosity
  • Combinable with other Gallop tools
  • Measures voltages
  • Reads Rxo resolution in thick mud cake conditions
  • Provides qualitative measurement of permeability
  • Combinable with 4 arm caliper


MSFL Combination String

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