Micro-Conductivity Imager Tool (MCI)

The Formation Micro-Conductivity Imager Tool (MCI) provides detailed borehole resistivity image data. Six pads are pushed against the borehole wall by a hydraulic actuating device. The tool consists of six pads that are pushed against the borehole wall by independent hydraulic arms. Pad force is controllable to ensure all pads consistently make contact with the borehole wall during logging which is essential to obtaining high quality image data.

Each pad contains twenty-four (24) buttons surrounded by a metal pad which acts as a focusing guard electrode. There are a total of 144 buttons providing high quality micro-resistivity measurements with vertical and azimuthal resolution of 0.2’’. In a 8-1/2” borehole the six pads provide a 60% borehole wall coverage.

Pad transmit power (EMEX) is provided by independent surface DC power system to ensure high quality images even in the most challenging mud environments. The pad button measurements are scaled to resistivity values so that they can be correlated with conventional shallow measurements.





The logging data is mainly used for:

  • Sedimentary feature and rock texture recognition
  • Lithology identification, profile correlation and electro-facies analyses
  • Fracture, vug and fault identification analysis
  • Dip analysis and structural feature analysis in the vicinity of the borehole
  • Borehole geometry and in-situ earth stress analysis
  • Formation evaluation in carbonate reservoir and some igneous rock reservoir



  • Acquires high quality image data in challenging borehole conditions
  • Provides scaled button measurements comparable to shallow resistivity
  • Gallopstar compatible
  • Real-time dynamic images while logging
  • All outputs in DLIS format
  • Compatible with wide-range of commercial interpretation software


MCI Log Example

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