High Speed Telemetry (WTS43C-C) - 13 Pin Connector

The top of PegasusStar telemetry tool is a standard GO connection. The lower connection is a 13 pin threaded collar that supports the latest generation Pegasus Tools. A 13-4 pin adaptor is available to support 4 pin generation Pegasus series tools.

The telemetry tool supports all GOWell’s Pegasus series tools via a common power bus and CANbus2.0 inter-tool communications.

The telemetry system is fully configurable from surface and future proof as adding new tools is easily achieved by software configuration.



Telemetry WTS43C-C Specifications



  • Auto-connect

After power-up, the PegasusStar telemetry will automatically connect and establish communications between surface and downhole. There is no setup or configuration necessary – the engineer can just focus on logging. Front panel LED and software GUI provides immediate feedback on the connection status. Link speed and all status information is reported via warrior.

  • Self-Adapting

PegasusStar will automatically adjust to the maximum uplink speed supported by the wireline cable and conditions. The system’s automatic noise suppression reduces any interference.

  • Half-duplex

Uplink is based on Digital Multicarrier Modulation (DMM) technology and downlink is based on Alternative Mark Inversion (AMI). By applying Time Division (TD) technology the telemetry achieves half-duplex communications, where downlink commands don’t interfere with the high-speed uplink signaling.



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