Fullbore Flowmeter (FBM)

The Fullbore Flowmeter mechanical section (FBM43) combines with GOWell’s Pressure-Temperature-Flowmeter section (PTF43) to provide a sensitive fluid flow measurement in casing. A single FBM43 assembly can handle casings from 4-1/2” through to 9-5/8” by changing a single linkage arm and impeller assemblies.






  • Provides a sensitive fluid flow measurement in casing
  • Leak Detection
  • Flow Profile 


  •  Interchangeable impeller assemblies for a range of casings 
  • Only impeller assembly and single linkage arm need to be changed 
  • Cage rotates independently of tool string 
  • Very low friction ceramic bearings 
  • Spinner impeller blades lock open to prevent premature closure in 
    high flow rate injectors but easily close to enter the end of tubing 
    or pass other restrictions 
  • Easily connects and disconnects from PTF43 




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