enhanced Pipe Detector Tool (ePDT)

The enhanced Pipe Detector Tool (ePDT) is a two-inch O.D. advanced ferromagnetic metal thickness evaluation instrument. The integrity of multiple concentric tubulars strings can be evaluated in-situ. In most cases, this eliminates pulling the production tubing string, or disassembling the surface completion hardware to facilitate data acquisition.

ePDT, is GOWell’s Next Generation thickness instrument. It is based on evolutionary pulsed eddy current physics which permits quantitative thickness measurements for up to five concentric pipes. The state-of-the-art instrument includes a new patented antenna that significantly improves measurement capabilities. This allows evaluation of tubulars ranging from 2-7/8-inch to 26-inch O.D.




  • Warrior™ acquisition system compatible
  • 2-inch O.D. – deployed centralized
  • Clear real-time visualization for QC and onsite evaluation
  • Combinable with all Pegasus Series Tools
  • Quantitative 4 to 5 pipe thickness evaluation (dependent on total metal thickness)
  • Pre-job planner software that combines a powerful forward modeling module and simulation tool
  • User-friendly module of post-processing via “plug-in” to MIPSPro / PIP Well Integrity Platform



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