Compensated Neutron Logging Tool (CNLT)

The Compensated Neutron Logging Tool (CNLT) provides one of the primary porosity measurements used for hydrocarbon saturation calculations. When combined with other standard petrophysical measurements it also provides lithology indication—shale volume and formation gas identification.

The instrument includes an AmBe neutron source and dual thermal neutron detectors, providing a neutron porosity measurement which is compensated for borehole size and other environmental conditions.



Compensated Neutron Logging Tool (CNLT)


  • Identification of formation porosity
  • Gas detection and shale identification in combination with density tools
  • Combinable with other Gallop tools
  • Operates in both Open and Cased hole environments
  • Compensated for borehole conditions, casing and cement corrections
  • Determines porosity and lithology in zones of interest in combination with other porosity logs.
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