Combined Water Holdup Tool/Density Tool (QCD)

QCD offers capacitance (water holdup) and tuning fork density sensors in one module. This compact tool module is fully compatible with GOWell’s Pegasus series tools and the PegasusStar system. A compact PL string can be formed by combining this QCD with three other Pegasus modules PTF, FBM and GTC. The density calibration is performed by using air, diesel, water and brine. The viscosity calibration is performed by using a range of silicon oils of known viscosity. 







  • Water Hold-Up measures the dielectric constant of the surrounding borehole fluid to determine the water holdup
  • The QCD tool is a non-radioactive method of determining liquid and gas density unaffected by well deviation 



  • Compact by combining water holdup and fluid density
  • Density unaffected by highly radioactive scale and well deviation
  • No radioactive source – ease of logistics
  • Accurate, repeatable density measurement
  • Fluid viscosity estimate
  • Compatible with all Pegasus series tools and conveyance with SRO, Slickline, CTU and tractor






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