Array Noise Tool (ANT-B)

ANT-B is a next-generation wireline leak detection and fluid movement evaluation instrument. The continuous recording tool utilizes a segmented array of wide-band acoustic sensors to produce an innovative dataset of differential measurements. This allows excellent rejection of unwanted “road noise” produced by tool movement in the wellbore. The sensor array allows inventive propagation-direction processing to further extract weak fluid movement sounds from behind multiple pipes. Cutting edge machine learning algorithms facilitate more precise location of downhole sound sources and paths.

By paring differential sensors with array processing, the ANT-B tool can acquire accurate measurements while ascending or descending in the wellbore, improving acquisition efficiency in any sound source detection logging application.


 Magnify Product


  • 60 Hydrophones in 5-level, 4 segment array with 800Hz-60kHz bandwidth
  • Dynamic and stationary acquisition modes
  • Differential measurements
  • Spectral Analysis shown in real-time
  • Excellent Road Noise Rejection (> 30dB)
  • Post-processing accuracy and efficiency enhanced by machine learning algorithms
  • Leak source and path detection in tubulars and completion hardware (tubing/casing/packer leaks)
  • Diagnosis of Sustained Casing Pressure
  • Location of open perforations
  • Identification of flow zones behind pipe
  • Recognition of channeling behind pipe


Magnify Product

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