Array Induction Logging Tool (AILT)

GOWell’s Array Induction Logging Tool (AILT) forms part of the Gallop suite. The AILT accurately measures open borehole formation conductivity at different borehole conditions. The tool uses an Array of induction coils operating at various frequencies, generating resistivity logs that have five (5) different depths of investigation.

The measurement is particularly suitable for high resistivity formations. Both deep and shallow readings allow for visual identification of permeable formations.

The Tool is made up of three sections:

  • The Power Supply section (Electronic section 1)
  • The Electronics Data Acquisition section (Electronic section 2)
  • The Sonde section (Electronic section 3) 







  • Determines water saturation
  • Delineates reservoirs 
  • Identifies hydrocarbon and moveable hydrocarbons
  • Provides thin-bed analysis
  • Qualitatively evaluates invasion profile
  • Provides correlation
  • Identification of fluid contacts



  • Can be combined with other Gallop formation porosity tools.
  • Rt determination accuracy is improved due to the tool’s enhanced vertical resolution and radial profiling capabilities. This allows for precise reserve estimates.
  • Borehole corrections and deconvolution to achieve three (3) sets of curves (1, 2 and 4 ft. vertical resolution). 



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