Houston, USA. – August 9, 2018 - GOWell International LLC (“GOWell”) has signed an agreement with Interpretive Software Products, Inc. (“ISP”). This agreement authorizes GOWell International and our affiliate companies to sell and support the full range of advanced software products provided by Interpretive Software Products, Inc.

Under this agreement, GOWell will focus efforts on the China and Middle East markets where we have a long established business presence and reputation for outstanding support to our clients. This partnership brings together the unique range of interpretation software products from ISP and the global footprint and experience that GOWell can provide.

“We believe this partnership will be beneficial to ISP, GOWell and most importantly to all our customers both existing and in the future.”, said Wendy Liu, GOWell’s CEO. “We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with ISP and supporting our combined customer base”.

Interpretive Software Products, Inc. is a Houston based company providing advanced software tools for processing and interpretation of production logging and distributed fiber-optic sensor data.

About GOWell: GOWell is an international company that provides a wide range of innovative and reliable Wireline Logging solutions for companies globally. For more information, contact Marvin Rourke, +971 (0) 52 178 1547.

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