Well Integrity Analysis

WISE (Well Integrity Services Experts)

We are a highly experienced Well Integrity team, with multi-discipline backgrounds and experience in various environments. We have hundreds of wells analyzed in our database - from 100 year old wells to baselines on new wells and everything in between. From corrosion, erosion, to pipe deformationwe are here to help! 

  •        Friendly and approachable team
  •        Available 24/7 
  •        Present in the main GOWell hubs        
  •        Available to provide training anytime, anywhere



We employ the best software used in the industry to help analyze a wide range of data, and suggest solutions to modern day problems. We have partnered with a large range of Service and Oil companies so we are familiar with how to scale our support efforts to adapt to your needs. We also provide customized reports for each client. 

  • Multi-Finger caliper processing and analysis
  • PLT - injector, multi-phase production
  • Customizable reporting with detailed analysis
  • Time-lapse analysis 
  • 3rd party logs processing

Time Lapse Logs

Time lapse logs show the corrosion progression over time and can inform tubing replacement programs. 




Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD) data is processed with our proprietary MTD plug-in which is built-in to a custom version of MIPSPro. The MTD processing module is a comprehensive, yet easy to use package for processing and reporting multi-pipe corrosion. MTD results can be easily integrated into a single comprehensive report with Multi Finger Caliper and other well data such as temperature and Gamma Ray logs. MIPSPro along with GOWell’s MTD plug-in is a sophisticated analysis and visualisation tool that maximizes data value by efficiently identifying and diagnosing well integrity issues.

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