Technical Publications

  • Efficacious Use of Simple and Cost Effective Acoustic Flow Analyzer Measurement to Enhance Recovery and Improve Life Cycle of Wells
    Paper #: SPE-AFRC-2546152-MS
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  • Comprehensive Well Integrity Solutions in Challenging Environments Using Latest Technology Innovations
    Paper #: OTC-26560-MS
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  • Algorithm Development and Case Study for A 1-11/16” Pulsed Eddy Current Casing Inspection Tool
    Paper #: SPWLA-2014-R
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  • Multi-Tubular Corrosion Inspection Using a Pulsed Eddy Current Logging Tool
    Paper #: IPTC-16645-MS
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  • Zonal isolation surveillance – a case study a through tubing measurement and analysis method which can identify and diagnose fluid movement in annuli caused by loss of annular integrity.
    Paper #: IPA17-E-393
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  • Measure the Effectiveness of Frac Sleeves Integrity in Multi-Stage Completions using Multi-Finger Caliper and Acoustic Flow Analyzer
    Paper #: SPE-192372-MS
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  • Next Generation Wireline Logging Technology for Modern Oil and Gas Operations
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Other publications of interest:

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