Open Hole Log Processing

Conventional Well Logging Interpretation

  • Well log data preprocessing such as curve edit, merge, smooth, interpolation, depth shifting and normalization etc.
  • Shaly-Sand Analysis deriving reservoir parameters such as shale volume, porosity, permeability and saturation etc.
  • Complex lithology evaluation using multi-mineral inversion.
  • Core-Log integration
  • Formation pressure-test data analysis and log integration

Shaly-Sand (Shale and sandstone) well log interpretation composite plot



Image data processing and interpretation

  • Image data pre-processing such as inclinometry dataquality control, speed correction and button normalization etc.
  • Generate Static and Dynamic images
  • Dip picking for nature fracture, induced fracture, breakout, bedding, unconformity and fault etc.
  • Lithology and reservoir type identification and fracture aperture, fracture permeability calculation.
  • Geology application such as stereonet plot, walkout plot, and log facies, maximum horizontal stress identification.

Image data processing plot (left image is the raw image, right image is the processed image)

Image data interpretation composite plot



Cross Dipole Data Processing and Interpretation

  • Acoustic Log pre-processing including waveform QC, filtering, gain correction etc
  • STC analysisof monopole and dipole data for compressional slowness, shear slowness and stoneley slowness extraction
  • Flexural dispersion correction
  • Mechanical properties calculation such as Vp/Vs ratio, poisson’s ration, shear modulus, young’s modulusand bulk modulus etc.
  • Anisotropy and geostress analysis.
  • Stoneley permeability calculation.


Cross Dipole data STC analysis


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