GOWell Global Manufacturing System (GGMS) is based in Xi’an and extends to Houston, TX (United States). 

GGMS produces innovative downhole logging tools and surface logging systems for CH/OH/LWD with advanced technology, superb quality and reliability, cost effectiveness and timely technical support. The GGMS is always focused on QHSE, Business Integrity, and Customer Satisfaction.

Our manufacturing needs are always addressed from region to region and our goal is to develop and implement production methods, set ups for high production flow rates of our most highly demanded products, to constantly improve our production process by using failure analysis, and by constantly training our engineers to become better project managers in order to deliver according to plan.

To ensure the ultimate goal of becoming unrivaled as the preeminent supplier of world-class downhole tools and equipment, GGMS precisely utilizes all resources and expertise in pursuit of a Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) to anticipate and meet client needs.

GOWell’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified, with all its products manufactured, assembled and tested following these certified procedures.


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